The C. S. Lewis Lectureship was established in Chattanooga in 1983 by Charles Hummel of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to perpetuate the Christian and literary legacy of Clive Staples Lewis.  The annual lecture is normally given during the month of March on the UTC campus in the Benwood Auditorium, located in the Engineering Building, at Palmetto and Vine.

An Oxford intellectual who as an adult professed faith in Jesus Christ, Lewis had a superb gift for communicating Christianity to the modern world. His writings range from literary criticism and theology to science fiction, poetry, and children’s literature.

The death of Lewis Nov. 22, 1963, was overshadowed by the assassination of John F. Kennedy the same day.  Lewis’s books are still so popular, however, that it appears to many that he is still writing.  Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, and The Chronicles of Narnia have earned the rank of classics.

The Planning Committee

From Intervarsity Christian Fellowship: Jamal Morris, Whitney Jo Murphy of UTC, and Julian Reese of Knoxville.
From Covenant College: Dr. John Wingard.
From UT-Chattanooga: Dr. Bryan Hampton, Dr. Greg Heath, Dr. Immaculate Kizza, Dr. Joseph Kizza, Dr. Doug Kutz, Chairman, Dr. Bill McClay, Dr. Dennis Plaisted, Daniel H. Webb, Dr. Michelle White, and Dr. Jonathan Yeager.
From Bryan College, Dr. Daryl Charles
From Project Joseph: Carl F. Ellis Jr.
From the C. S. Lewis Society of Chattanooga, The Rev. David Beckmann.
From The Maclellan Foundation, Dr. Charlie Phillips
From the Generosity Trust: Henry Henegar.


The lecture is funded by individuals, by the Speakers and Special Events Committee of UT-Chattanooga, and by Covenant College.  Tax-deductible gifts in support of the lecture endowment are handled by The Generosity Trust.

The committee wishes to express its appreciation to Mr. Ron Bunger of the Poindexter Library, Chattanooga, for digitalizing our older lectures.